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Sometimes we hear stories about people that hit the jackpot and make million in one game, when we hear such kind of a story we usually envy the lucky guy. No doubt that winning the big prize at a casino is a common wet dream of many people.

A citizen in San Diego, California won a sum of two million dollars while playing a slot machine in the "Vijas" casino in south California. The winning set a new record of winning in slot machines works on cents. The man used one cent in the machine and won more than 2 million dollars. The casino is operated by a local Indian tribe and the slot machine that gave the prize is a part of a slot machines network in several casinos in the US Texas Holdem poker rooms, the machines are connected to each other in order to give bigger prizes to the gamblers.

The winning gambler who asked to stay anonymous visited the casino with his wife, the couple will soon celebrate their 40th anniversary and now the winner plans to give his wife the present she asked – a tour to Europe. When the reporters asked him if he consider himself a lucky man he answered: "yes, I am lucky since the day I met my wife".

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