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Scams And Cheats On Slot Machines

Is it possible, in this day and age, to cheat on slot machines? Traditional land-based casinos have an untouchable slot machine program. The machines arrive at the casino programmed to operate based on random generated numbers.

Many slot machine scams and cheats have been around many years now, and these cheats are not easy to pull off. Most of the time it requires someone on the inside, or having your hands on special devices or tools. The most obvious scams are easy to detect by the security cameras. Nonetheless, casinos always know the odds; if someone is beating the slot machine in a suspicious manner they start to investigate.

The slot machines in the casinos are fully designed to work based on a complicated series of mathematic calculations, so that the outcome will be in random order. The casinos are making sure that this will be the case, and there are laws for assuring this sort of outcome. Not like the card-counting scheme at blackjack, the slot machine is not subject to any kind of calculation.

Looking for a slot machine that hasn't been paying out is not helpful, in any way; you cannot make a slot machine pay you anything unless you just, luckily, hit the right combination. No slot machine is due to pay anyone.

Most modern casinos make use of their own tokens and chips. The slot machine is designed to measure the actual size of the chips, also its density, and metal makeup. Scammers of slot machines will have a difficult time in duplicating the chips and tokens that the slot machine is using.

Old style slot machines had a very small trigger, that when pressed could release payouts, and the scammer could get payouts from the dispenser. But that was the good old days. That kind of machine is not seen anymore in the casinos.

At present, casinos are using more sophisticated machines that keep track of payouts. Inside the slot machine is a light sensor, this sensor keeps the coins locked.

If you think that you can cheat a slot machine, you'd better think twice. Many scams and cheats are already well known, because many people have been caught for trying. You could find yourself in jail. The casino operators are keeping an eye on the winners, especially those who might be winning too much.

Remember that cheating slot machines is, for the most part, impossible, and not really worth trying, if you value your freedom, or reputation.

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